Craps Simulator Assumptions and Limitations

    We make a few assumptions during the craps simulation in order to try and simplify things a little. Some of these are applications of various rules that may vary by casino, others are assumptions about the way that craps bets are placed:

    • The simulation assumes that if you place a Come or Don't Come bet, you'll only have one active bet at a time. In other words, a new come bet is not placed until the first has been resolved. This isn't always the case in a casino setting as players may have multple come bets on the go, but it keeps things manageable in the simulation.
    • When Laying odds (or "taking odds") on a Don't Pass or Don't Come bet, the maximum available odds are used. This helps minimize the "house edge" on Don't bets, though players unfamiliar with the rules regarding the laying of odds in craps may find it a bit confusing. For example, at a 3-4-5x table players may Place odds of up to 3, 4 or 5x depending on the point, but players my Lay odds of up to 6x on a Don't bet. As another example, if the player chooses maximum odds of 2x, they may Place 2x odds, but may Lay up to 4x odds on a Don't bet depending on the point.
    • Only one Big 6 or Big 8 bet may be active at anytime. A new bet is placed only when the first is resolved.
    • The Buy and Lay 5% commissions are only charged on the win and deducted from the winnings. This isn't always the case in a casino setting.
    • While we enforce a minimum ($5.00) and maximum ($3,000) per bet on the table, we are not currently enforcing minimum bets for certain bet types that are typically required in live casino craps. For example:
      • Many casinos will have a $10+ minimum for passline bets in live craps.
      • Most casinos will enforce betting in multiples for Place, Buy and Lay bets to avoid the need for giving change. Our simulator will "give change" which is why you may see winnings appear in dollars and cents. For example, in a live casino environment you will need to bet in multiples of 6 for a Place on 6 or 8 since the bet pays 7:6. If you were to bet five dollars you would win $5.83 which the casino cannot pay. If you bet $6, you are paid an even $7.

    Lastly, we are using betting odds as you will see in live craps on the Vegas Strip. You may encounter better odds for certain bets in other casinos. You won't likely find worse. We've also tried to use some more typical betting minimums and maximum, individual casino rules can vary greatly. Some casinos have maximum bets as well as maximum payouts which can affect win potential.

    Our Craps Strategy Simulator is constantly improving. You can view a list of recent changes on our ChangeLog.

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